Riger db108-wl wireless ADSL modem 2/2+

Open Browser and type

Default username : tmadmin
and password : tmadmin

Web configuration follow step

Riger DB 108 - WL ADSL modem 2/2+
Web Configuration


shapic said...

does this modem support fax?

aiyark said... not working

aiyark said... not working maaa

kaushal said...

the wireless power is very weak. i keep the modem-wireless in the lobby of my appartment and use my laptop in the lobby , i get full tower but if i use in my room , the towr point is only 2 signal which is very very low

mohaha said...

you can only open the setting page through IE. Mozilla is not supported.

ihsan said... not working?

i think you have changed the IP before.

So the solution is....

press "Windows + R" then
type "ipconfig /all"


you will got you WL Modem Default IP.

now, use the IP to access..

Harm said...

this doen't support port forwarding...

aduka said...

what brand are you using? only for riger db108 wifi modem

2- make sure you plug in your LAN cable
3- set you IP to default setting

peisheng123 said...

...when i go that page, it comes out with a steamyx account login page. What to do to get to the rigger page?

MoOn said...

Hi hii... can u teach me how to set each PC/laptop can use how many Kbs arr?? My housemate keep downloading big date.. To the extend that i cant load my Facebook.. Really need your help..Tanx...

Paul Cohello said...

I'm glad this blog exists. I've been thinking about picking up a satellite modem Can you post some information on here about the pros and cons and what brands are good? Cheers.

Lim Yeehern said...

got any "booster adapter" or add strength for this tis kind of modem??...mine is Double-storey homes... i need to connect it with my wifi cell phone in my room..pls recommend me ???the way..

Lucienfer said...

does this modem/router support VPN?

Kevin Collins said...

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Pau Xin said...

why i can't login?